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Top tips to help you find the best deal

  • If you call a tour operator to ask for a brochure to be sent to you, don’t expect it to arrive the next day – brochures take at least a week to arrive
  • Book online – brochure prices are often discounted for online bookings. Looking up prices online is also an easier way to compare the cost of your holiday
  • Allow yourself a few days to shop around and check out brochures and websites to find the best price
  • Compare the entries in more than one brochure or website to give you a clearer idea of what your resort or hotel is really like


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Top tips...

  • If you can, be flexible on which airport you fly from, as it could save you a significant amount of money
  • Make sure you take a copy of the brochure or online description on holiday with you. It’s always worth knowing what you were promised at the time of booking, especially if you want to make a complaint.


More tips....

  • When you find a holiday you like, make a list of all the extra costs, including in-flight meals, flight supplements, extra legroom, fuel surcharges etc, before you begin to compare prices
  • Always read the small print on the brochure or at the back of the brochure, as this will help you work out the real price of your package.
  • Child prices or discount offers are snapped up quickly, so book early – remember that children may attract under-occupancy charges that you’ll need to factor in to the total cost of your holiday.

Group hotel rates for your Wedding guests.

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